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Beauty Tips For Women by Men

What are some beauty tips for women by men that have stuck with you? For example, men like women who wear makeup without making it obvious. Men don’t want to see women with huge eyelashes or too much eye shadow. Instead, men prefer natural beauty. They say that they like women who wear minimal makeup but look great regardless. This is a great way to appeal to a man – and get some tips from a guy!

When it comes to skincare, men tend to stick to natural products, no nonsense, and quick results. Men have an even harder time with oily skin than women do, but there are specific products designed for men who can help. Using a face wash designed for men is one way to solve this problem. Avoid using extremely hot water and harsh cleansers. If you’re a guy with oily skin, you should also avoid using a harsh cleanser.

A lot of men forget to moisturize their faces. They usually take a scalding hot shower, but this strips their skin of moisture. Stick to lukewarm water instead. Those with dry skin should apply moisturizer every night before bed. The skin beneath the hair needs at least seven hours of sleep each night. Applying moisturizer is a great way to protect your hair from the sun.

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