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FasTag Balance Check: How to Check Balance in Fastag Online

Time is everything! Especially in Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities, individuals consider time very precious and plan everything accordingly. Long gone are the days when people actually used to wait for a long time at toll plazas just to cross it. At this same time, they also used to worry about carrying cash to pay there. However, with the introduction of Fastag technology, tables have turned, as within seconds, people are able to cross the toll plazas.

Moreover, instead of paying in cash, fastag recharge online instantly adds up money in the Fastag, ultimately enabling faster and quicker payments. Nowadays, when you purchase a new car, you walk out of the showroom with a Fastag attached to its windscreen. Yes, it is that important! 

What is Fastag?

It is a toll collection system that uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for making toll payments directly from the prepaid account linked to it. This technology has helped people save a lot of time and fuel as it is affixed to your vehicle’s windscreen and automatically deducts toll charges every time you pass through one.  

Furthermore, it can be easily recharged online via debit or credit card, UPI etc., and if you have a question such as “How to check balance in Fastag”, it is as easy as ordering food. 

What are the pros of using a Fastag?

First, keep in mind that you cannot ignore this technology. This is because it has been made mandatory by the Government of India.

  • Saves time

Fastag undoubtedly saves you a lot of time since this technology has come into play; there are no longer long queues at the toll plazas. In less than five seconds, each car passes the gate easily. 

  • Easy Fastag recharge online

Just download the right application on your smartphone, and you can easily recharge your Fastag with just a few taps. For this purpose, I use the Bajaj Finserv application.

  • Environmentally friendly

Since Fastag came into existence, there have been a lot of fuel and paper saving in our country. This is no doubt a significant plus point for the environment. 

  • No more carrying cash

Another prime benefit of Fastag is that it helps individuals to avoid carrying cash. This helps them save a lot of the hassle of carrying cash in this digital era.

How to check balance in Fastag online?

    1. Download the Bajaj Finserv application from App Store/Play Store.
    2. Sign up & go to the Bills & Recharges section.
    3. Tap on Fastag under the recharge section
    4. Select your provider and enter your vehicle registration number or wallet ID
    5. After entering the required details, you’ll see your current latestforyouth balance and maximum allowable payment.

Fastag is one of the most convenient tools introduced by the Indian Government in recent years. Moreover, being able to recharge it easily via your smartphone with just a few taps truly is a game changer.

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