Features of HealthTap

HealthTap is an established telehealth app that offers 24/7 access to board-certified online doctor. It also has a library of doctor-answered questions and an AI-powered symptom checker.

HealthTap stands out among other telemedicine apps in that it allows users to select and cultivate long-term video relationships with their physicians. This can be an enormous advantage for those who wish to get to know their doctors intimately.

AI-powered symptom checker

HealthTap’s AI-powered symptom checker feature offers intelligent explanations for potential causes and recommended next steps in care. Users simply input symptoms and other pertinent data, and the app then asks a series of question prompts to determine if they should visit a doctor.

Natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning enable the app to evaluate free-text symptoms to provide differentials and care recommendations. These decisions are based on an individual’s medical history, personal profile and insights gleaned from doctors within the HealthTap network.

The platform was created to offer a reliable source of healthcare information for people at all stages of life. It boasts an expansive database with more than 105,000 top physicians and hundreds of millions of health patients in 174 countries.

Question posting service

HealthTap launched its question posting service in November 2015, enabling consumers to post questions to an extensive network of U.S. doctors and get answers within minutes or less.

Gutman notes that the service is free and available on both website or mobile app; however, users must pay $9.99 for a private, secure mode where they can share more information. She adds that this fee is one-third the price of a co-payment at traditional offices to see a doctor.

In addition to asking questions, patients can endorse providers’ responses with either a “Thanks” or an “Agrees,” depending on how satisfied they are with the answers. These ratings can be used as indicators of provider trustworthiness as well as their capacity for fulfilling promises.

Appointments with doctors

HealthTap’s online consultation service enables users to Celebrity height request a virtual appointment with a doctor from any device, including computers and smartphones. The app matches customers with doctors based on symptoms and the purpose of their visit.

The service provides a range of health services, such as primary medical care and mental health support. Patients can order lab tests, view results online, receive referrals to specialists, and be reminded for follow-up appointments.

HealthTap provides primary care consultations with qualified physicians who can diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions. Consultations can be paid for with either the Prime subscription plan or Basic pay-per-visit plan.

HealthTap also offers an online question posting service, where users can ask anonymous questions to doctors and get free responses within 24 hours. This feature may be especially beneficial for members with complex healthcare concerns who require an expeditious resolution.

Medication management

HealthTap members can ask questions, order prescriptions, get lab results and receive referrals at an affordable cost – all at no additional charge.

HealthTap members have access to over 90,000 doctors across 147 specialties who donate their time in providing informational answers on healthcare topics. Once certified, these doctors can issue prescriptions that members can pick up at local pharmacies.

As a member of HealthTap, you can utilize its AI-powered symptom checker to determine the most appropriate action for your condition. Plus, access hundreds of genuine patient queries with doctor responses in its database.

The company offers two plans, a free basic one and an expensive Prime one at $15 per month (billed three months in advance). With the Prime Plan you get unlimited 24/7 access to two doctors on one device – simply ask a question, receive text response and book an appointment with your chosen specialist!

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