How to take care of leather furniture?

Upholstered furniture made of leather looks stylish and respectable. Leather sofas and armchairs emphasize the high status of the homeowner. Practical upholstery has excellent characteristics and is characterized by durability. However, the expensive natural material requires careful attitude and delicate care. We tell you how to take care of leather surfaces at home without much effort and expense.

Keeping it clean

The first thing you can do for your leather surface is to keep it clean. Every week, be sure to wipe the leather with a clean, dry microfiber cloth or clean it with a vacuum cleaner using a soft-bristle brush. Another way to clean is with a special regular care spray. Apply it to a cloth and wipe the furniture.

Don’t forget to test the product on a small area. If no visible changes appear on the surface, feel free to use it on the entire surface.

Monthly clean with special detergents without aggressive substances in the composition or a light soap solution.

Twice a year, be sure to treat the skin with special compounds that prevent cracking. Use a commercially available product or apply coconut oil or linseed oil in a gentle circular motion to the surface. For better impregnation, keep the composition on the surface for a while, then remove the remains with a soft dry cloth.

Placing correctly

Furniture with leather upholstery is sensitive to sunlight, low and high temperatures. Therefore, it is better to place it away from windows, heaters, and cooling vents. Maintain the air humidity at 60-70%. Proper placement will help prevent the surface from drying out, cracking, and peeling.

Beware of scratches and dyes

Do not put leather furniture in narrow aisles and surrounded by things, sooner or later you might accidentally catch the upholstery, or drop a sharp object, or just leave scratches with a corner of some door. Pets should also be kept away: their sharp claws can easily leave scratches – read how to remove them in the article.

If you have a light-colored sofa, don’t keep things that shed on it (such as bright, inexpensive cushions, stuffed toys, and plaids), since the leather can become stained over time.

Clean in a timely manner

Avoid unwanted stains, spills and soiling. Avoid placing hot drinks and food on or near upholstered leather furniture. Furniture upholstered in light leather is particularly finicky.

If you do get into trouble, you have a hard-to-remove stain on the upholstery, and you can’t find a professional cleaner on hand, use our tips.

Use specialized cleaners

Want to clean a leather sofa cheap and hard? Be careful, saving money can cost you the entire sofa. Do not risk the furniture resorting to folk remedies, in this matter it is better to trust the science: nothing will take care of the leather better than special products for its cleaning. The main thing is that whatever method you choose, be sure to test it in a safe place before you try it. If the stain is stubbornly resistant, contact professionals: they will help you remove it without damaging the upholstery.

Removing Dark Stains

Stains from grease, coffee, wine or ink on leather upholstery are a serious problem.

Bright lipstick stains can be removed with ethyl alcohol, coffee stains with an ammonia solution, and ink stains with vinegar. Dip a piece of soft cloth in the desired substance and gently rub the stain. When the mark has disappeared, treat the spot with a damp cloth.

Removing grease stains

Wipe off grease stains with a dry rag, use baby powder or cornstarch. Sprinkle the product on the stain, wait a while for the grease residue to absorb, then remove with a dry rag.

Remove Children’s Stains

Spray a lot of acetone-free nail polish remover or hairspray on a cotton pad and wipe the marker, pen or felt-tip pen surface with it. Wipe dry. You can use diluted ethyl alcohol.

Remove dried-on marks

Remove old marks with toothpaste or hairspray. Use a toothbrush and leave it on the surface for 2-5 minutes. Then remove with a damp soft sponge or cloth.

If you have leather furniture in the house, it is better to take care in advance to always have special cleaning compositions suitable for a certain type of upholstery at hand.

Restore shine

Glycerin can help give your leather upholstery its original luxurious look. Put glycerin on a clean, dry sponge and work it into the furniture in a circular motion. Rub the compound in, pressing lightly on the sponge. After treatment, wipe the furniture with a dry cloth. After a week, repeat the manipulation to consolidate the effect.

Remove Scuffs

Small problems can be removed by rubbing the skin with orange peel. For larger abrasions, use olive oil and rub it on the damaged area. Then cover the surface with a cotton cloth soaked in water and place a warm iron on top. Apply shoe polish to the surface to be treated, and remove the rest with a sponge.

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