The Best Technology News Sources


There are many technology news sources, but which ones offer the most insight? We’ll discuss a few favorites below. VentureBeat is a great choice for deep-dive technology news. Written in a conversational style, VentureBeat digs up the news that doesn’t get reported elsewhere. TechCrunch is a startup paradise with meetups that are filled with wacky inventors. The conferences are legendary.

The New York Times’s Technology section is a great place to stay on top of the latest tech developments. Unlike most other news sources, the Times has a dedicated technology section, which publishes breaking news in all major industries. The Times’s online technology section features articles and videos from leading tech companies and organizations. Its technology section covers the latest innovations and features context for the news. Aside from these tech news sources, the Times also has a popular technology blog.

TechCrunch has more than 50,000 contributors, making it a great resource for tech enthusiasts. TechCrunch covers the business side of tech innovation, while Cnet covers the latest gadgets and free software. The site is also updated daily and is worth checking out for tech-savvy readers. If you don’t have time to read the newspaper or other news site, you can subscribe to TechCrunch.

The Financial Times is the cornerstone of business and IT news, but its coverage of technology is no less interesting. It often finds problems before they even hit the boardroom. WIRED, on the other hand, isn’t heavily tech-focused, but a great source of insight. Its features include articles on the latest gadgets and companies, but isn’t a complete tech news source. Its insightful product reviews are another excellent choice.

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